92 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Acrimony’



Culture Is The Problem

I was drawn into a very interesting discussion this morning. A series of responses came through on the issue This is my take on all of that Entrepreneurship A person whose focus is to sell to feed her family is not an entrepreneur. You should have a profit and business growth mindset to qualify as... Continue Reading →

Babe? Get Your Happiness

I have never been called brave as many times as I have in the last couple of months. Why? I quit my job with a multinational company. *insert superficial gasp* I am the biggest advocate for happiness; happiness over everything. So long as you are not intentionally hurting other beings for it (and I have done... Continue Reading →

The Rape Conversation We Are Afraid To Have

Three days ago, two friends of mine were discussing the recent 'XO Senavoe' rape allegations. Apparently one my friends had gotten attacked on twitter for saying that the stories the girls had shared were things that happened all the time. Of course the attacks were by people who felt, by making that statement, he was... Continue Reading →

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