I Need More Than You Are Capable of Giving

And It's Not Your Fault


This Is What It Is

Belonging to someone else But not being owned My touch ringing bells From a time when my name was moaned From your lips, at the touch of my kiss This, this is what it is   You say you don’t know what the fuck you’ll do If the feelings grew I don’t know either but... Continue Reading →

Ghost of Best Friends Past

He's my best friend. He has been for as long as I can remember. But I've been in love with him much longer than that. He is to blame for every single one of my failed relationships. The guys weren't as funny or smart as he was. Didn't listen as much as he did. Aren't... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Love Me?

'Why do you love me?' I asked her. It was not like I needed to know. I had a post to write and I had writer's block. So I thought, why not ask the one person who claims to be in love with me. 'Oh wow' was her response. She went quiet for a while,... Continue Reading →

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