You Won’t Reach Your Full Potential, And Here Is Why

Lots of times , you'll hear stories your parents tell you about that friend who never made it, even though he was very bright. If you don't hear it much then your parents are that "friend". Lol. Here's things to look out for, if you want to figure out if you'll make it or not... Continue Reading →


Your Good Deed Doesn’t NEED To Be A Secret

We all know that the bible and other religious groups say you shouldn't be loud about prayer or Showy with your offering. However, your good deeds do not need to be secret.     This doesn't seem like the kind of thing that you'd see people complaining about on the regular But recently I see... Continue Reading →

How Not To Be Stupid

Hi, Here's a short lesson in How Not To Be Stupid. So, I know that cars are supposed to stop for me and my boys, when we want to use the zebra/pedestrian crossing. This is how it is supposed to be. Just as we begin to cross, we see a bunch of cars racing towards... Continue Reading →

What Do You Want To Know About Condoms?

They told you it would be easy. They told you it was like buying bread. What they didn't tell you, is you'd have 18 different colours and flavours, 5 different sizes to choose from and you'd have no idea why ribbed/non-ribbed is even an option. (Disclaimer: I'm writing all this for a mysterious friend. I... Continue Reading →

5 Terrible Ways We React To Emergencies

We witnessed one of the most horrific tragedies Ghana has seen in recent times; we lost over a hundred people to a filling station explosion in Accra. A large number of these people were seeking refuge at the filling station due to yet another incident of flooding in the capital. As with most disasters, we... Continue Reading →

Getting A Job Is Not As Difficult As You Think

I had an interesting conversation with a friend yesterday. It started with him asking about what I was doing after school and somehow segued to how getting jobs in this country was a real bitch. That 30mins+ conversation essentially boiled down to a few questions: What kind of friends are you making? What social interactions... Continue Reading →

Something My Dad Told Me A Long Time Ago

Hey guys. I'm happy today, not the kind of happy that makes you want to hold a hose upwards, spraying water everywhere, jumping in the resulting puddles, 'singing in the rain' and- Well it's not that kind of happiness anyway. It's more like a deep satisfaction stemming from a decision I made about four months... Continue Reading →

Being Black In America Pt. 3

I'm not African-American. I don't truly understand what it means to be one. I don't truly get the history of oppression of the people. I didn't know who Malcolm X was till I moved here. I barely knew the role of MLK. (To be fair, my African history lessons regarding the trans-Atlantic slave trade stop... Continue Reading →

Being Black In America Pt. 2

I moved to America and attended a predominantly African-American university, popularly known as an HBCU - Historically Black College/University. I hated it. I loved my professors (Shout out to Dr Lucas!) and I am forever grateful for the opportunities afforded me by my university. (Yayy for the full scholarship for me AND my fam!) And... Continue Reading →

I managed seven months on my own and I am back to another office job. It was a tumultuous seven months and I am glad I did it. When I made the decision to leave my well paying albeit unfulfilling day job to go on my own, it was four months ahead of plan but corporate... Continue Reading →

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