Spring Summer Trends 2016

Fashion week season ended a few weeks ago, but during it my Instagram feed was crying with bloggers and design houses showing off their favourite pieces. While following trends is generally not the most efficient way to shop, this season the way the trends work particularly with their colour palette, I find that it’s easier... Continue Reading →


15 Ladies Share Their Biggest Turn Offs

1. "Oh you're a nice girl. You can't be single" I hate it when they insist that I'm taken when I'm not & not knowing when to drop the subject.    2. When they just meet you and assume they can talk about sex with you just because of your tweets   3. I've come... Continue Reading →

But I Do Not Gym

You might be familiar with the sports inspired trend; yes, the baseball caps all the area boys you know wear around are actually in style. While it might seem difficult to incorporate, the sports luxe trend can be done pretty easily, and I’m here to help out with how. As an oversize shirt dress  ... Continue Reading →

Fashion That’s Got Your Back

I will be the first to admit; I love a big bag. I’m an awful planner and very much an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink traveler, so that having a big bag I just throw things into makes life seem a lot simpler. And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably nodding as you read this. What you also... Continue Reading →

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