Vanity Card #15

Today's Vanity Card is different from what I've been doing for a while. I'm not sure why but i might figure it out by the end. I killed the regal nerd. Yes, maybe most of you have not noticed but I stopped tweeting personally. My twitter account is theJRshow now. I have killed The Regal Nerd... Continue Reading →


Vanity Card # 14: 2013 Lessons

Last year was pretty eventful for me and in all aspects of my life. One thing I've come to realize is; experiences do make you more knowledgeable. Being wise will come from applying what you've learned from them. My New Year resolution is to apply to my life the things life thought me in the... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #13

If you love someone set them free. If they are yours, they will come back "I've never particularly gotten the wisdom behind that. In a world of constant change and abundance of options, emotions and ideas could make a full 360 in a matter of minutes.  You are never the best no matter how good... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #12

In life, we have the… I will just stop here. This is me trying to take a break from fiction and attempt something in reality. It isn't really a must; I'm not required to write something 'real' and 'deep'. This is just me wondering if I still have some sense. That didn't come out right.... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #11

Of Double Standards and Choice I am pro-choice. I believe everyone has the right to choose how they live their lives as long as it doesn't affect another person's negatively. Sexuality, religion, abortion etc. Everyone gets to choose. It's a natural right. Society has a stance on everything. This stance is based largely on what... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #10

The ChaseYou chase someone for so long they start enjoying you after them. There comes a time when you just stop all of a sudden and start walking away. Sometimes you stop because you saw someone else you want to chase. Sometimes its because someone started chasing you in a different direction. But you stop... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #9

It's a Saturday night. It's been a very long day already. I have been waiting for it to be evening since last Monday when i decided i was going for this event. Now it's finally here and I'm at Movenpick waiting for my luxury car to take me to the conference centre. I see a lot of... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #8

We don't persist. We lack the fighting spirit. We try to convince everyone that it's because we have so much going for us we don't have the time to focus on one thing for too long. It's a lie. It's fear. It's cowardice. We don't want to have to go through all the stress of... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #7

It is a vanity card. Please don't try to make sense of it. ********************************************************************************************************************************* Neal Caffery: Scotch, please! Harvey Spector: Whoa! What's the matter man? You never drink scotch Mike Ross: I think Peter Burke doesn't permit him to Neal: Harvey, why is your pet at the adult table? Mike: Ha! Very funny. Neal: Not... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #6

Today's vanity card is very short. I'm just here to gather your inputs so don't just read, comment too. We'll be discussing the issue later in the day on @_theJRshow_ as well. ******************************************************************************************************************************** We were in the same hostel for all four years of college but we started dating in the third year. We knew... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #5

It was the longest she had had. What the hell? She had heard about Nigerians and their skills but this was too much to take. It felt like three years. Damn it was three years. When it starts you enjoy the wait. No one wants you to come right in the beginning. You need to... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #4

I just hope I have discerning enough followers on this blog to realise that I put up my vanity cards when I'm under self-imposed pressure to post something yet have writers block so have nothing specific in my head to write. On other blogs people call it ranting. I'm a sane person. I don't rant.... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #3

No Therapy: I know I promised I was going to continue yesterday's story today. Actually, I didn't promise. I just said. Anyways, I really can't be bothered today. Seeing as its MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY. Yes, I'm sure. Both my parents keep forgetting which date exactly it is but I have this deep feeling its today. For... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #2

I have a Tumblr too. I use it for posts I consider less than fit for this show. I have said more than a few times that I don’t take Tumblr serious. In my mind, it has always been something of a playground. It had never been a serious place – till last Saturday. Tumblr... Continue Reading →

Vanity Card #1

By KJR Not So Vain The decision to add Vanity Cards to the blog was very impulsive. I’ve always toyed with the idea of having to put up posts that gives information on particular issues, without them necessarily being ‘blog posts’ (in the topical sense). Then I discovered Chuck Lorre’s (writer of ‘The Big Bang... Continue Reading →

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