Touch Of Fate #7

Agatha Mends got off her shift at six in the morning. At ten past six, she was walking out the front doors of St Raphael’s Hospital, breathing deeply the early morning air. She loved being the head nurse of a big hospital but the pressures of her work were also very obvious. She walked to... Continue Reading →


Touch of Fate #6

“So, what did he want?” “Mmm?” Simon replied absentmindedly. He had only been half-listening, and Kelly’s question caught him somewhat off-guard. He was back in Kelly’s ward, having resumed his post by the side of her bed. “The doctor,” Kelly repeated. “The one who called you and Dr Newman out before. You never actually told... Continue Reading →

Touch of Fate #5

THE LITTLE ONE “It appears Kelly only has six months to live.” Simon couldn’t believe his ears. Six months? Six months? That was all she had? “No,” he whispered. Dr Smith, looking rather uncomfortable, placed a hand on Simon’s shoulder, said awkwardly, “I’m sorry,” and walked away. Simon stood rooted to the spot. He was... Continue Reading →

Touch of Fate #4

THE TIME LIMIT About an hour and numerous patients later, Loretta was returning to her desk, thinking about what to get old lady Brown for her birthday and how to turn that gentleman – What was his name again? – in ward 17 down the next time he asked her out when she spotted Mrs... Continue Reading →

Touch of Fate #3

THE LOSS “That can’t be possible,” Simon whispered. It couldn’t be possible. “Kelly was much better when I was leaving.” But even as he said those words, something deep inside him told Simon they weren’t true. He knew they were only what he wanted to believe. The nurse named Loretta gently led Simon away from... Continue Reading →

Touch of Fate #2

THE DIAGNOSIS Simon ran. Through the lanes of speeding traffic, through honking horns and screeching brakes Simon ran. And it mattered not to him that what he was doing was dangerous to the point of foolhardiness; it mattered not to him that one wrong step might bring him full into the path of an oncoming... Continue Reading →

Touch Of Fate #1

THE PILOT Simon ran through the front door, hoping beyond hope to get to his room without his parents realizing he was home. Crossing the living room, hurrying toward the staircase, he suddenly stopped; his parents were already there, sitting side by side on the living room couch, waiting for him. For a long moment... Continue Reading →

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