Take A Vow #5

You make me wise I make you mad You walk too slow I eat too fast You love me hard I love you back You cry too much We kiss every minute You tickle me. Stop! I love yous never stop I love your eyes You hate my nose You forget our anniversary I never... Continue Reading →


Letter To My Unborn Child #6

We take our sixth Letter from the wonderful @fwesh_n_fyn Dear Baby , You probably hate me now. I understand, and I definitely don't blame you. I'd hate me too if I were you. I'm sure you're thinking I'm a horrible person. Unkind. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not………… I'm just so confused right now. You... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Unborn Child #5

Hey guys, thanks for staying with us through this series. It's been fun and we hope to get back on another one soon. Like I announced earlier, we'll continue taking letters from you so keep them coming to vibrantidentity@gmail.com and we'll post them as and when we receive them. We're signing out with @Terdoh This... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Unborn Child #4

Love at first sight is seeing your baby..you fall so hard you can never get up again @kemmiiii Charlie pass me the ball!!" Johnnie yelled from across the field. The big-big field. Charlie-Long-Legs kicked the ball so hard, It hit Johnnie in the temple and he kissed the grass. Sweet Baby Jesus just looked on... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Unborn Child #3

Hello people, welcome to another day of this series. Before we move to today's post, I want to make an announcement. Just as we did with the Letter To Me Series. We will be taking more entries which will be published after this series has officially ended. There is no limit this time to what... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Unborn Child #2

The Letter To My Unborn Child series continues... We have here today.....@Skinbis *************************************************************************** Hi Legsly, Ever wondered about your name? well, just look at those legs that go on forever. Be proud of them; flaunt them at the least opportunity. I know reading this would be a lil stressful due to the fact that the... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Unborn Child #1

Welcome people, Uncle Amowi here. After the Success of the 'Letter To Me series' and the entries that came after it, we are giving the 'Letter Series' another shot. This time we're leaving the past and delving into the future. Our five writers; @MzYayraTay, @Skinbis, @Kotibotor, @Kemmiiii and @Terdoh will take turns sending letters to... Continue Reading →

Letter To Me #10

Dear child, Let it all out. Vent. Have you done this? Yes? Good. Now suck it up. Whatever is left, suck it up and be a man. Take the tears, the anger, the fear, all that pain that remains and let it drive you. Let it be your fuel, burn it up. This is the... Continue Reading →

Dear Thursday: The Fuss

Dear Thursday, My boyfriend and I have been together for two months and it's been great. You'll probably say it's because it's in the early stages and I totally agree with that. But that's not what I want to talk about. He's caring, funny, smart and all that. I have just one problem with him.... Continue Reading →

Letter To Me #9

By Mawuli Bobobee Wuli, First of all, Daddy lied. You are not “storing” your height in those enormous calves of yours. My guy, you’re short and will probably remain so for the rest of your life. Get over it real quick and enjoy the view from under the skirts 😀 After that, maybe you can... Continue Reading →

Letter To Me #8

Hey Small Boy, Hahahahahahhahahahha *drinks water* ahahahahahahaha yea yea I know you’re confused. Don’t worry you’ll figure it all out soon. But laughing is all I can do when I look at you. You’ll laugh too when you get here. ‘Here’ is 2011 and I am you in 2011. Don’t worry, you will understand as... Continue Reading →

Dear Thursday: Drunken Kiss

I just found out that my best friend and my boyfriend kissed at my birthday party a month ago. They didn't tell me about it - I overheard them arguing about whether or not to tell me. From their conversation, I know they were drunk when it happened and they both regret it but I... Continue Reading →

Letter To Me #7

By Antoni Jordi Greetings Young Me There isn’t much time to tell you everything since the time-space continuum can only be affected for so long. Actually it’s because it’s midnight, I’m exhausted and I just got back from watching a great film called “Super 8”. I’ll try and keep it brief and to the point... Continue Reading →

Letter To Me #6

By Poetra   Dear slim things, (you’re going to be called this for a loooong time so don’t fret about it, they call me ‘witch’ now but I know it’s their ego preventing them from calling me genius) I’m just sitting here smiling at you. I feel a million years older and wiser, - which... Continue Reading →

Letter To Me #5

By Kezia In my room August 2011 Dear young self, It's me, writing from the future. How awesome is that?! All space-techy and mysterious. I've been meaning to write to you for a while now, just never got the time. I have to tell you a couple of things, so pay attention 1. You read... Continue Reading →

Letter To Me #4

By Edem YO!!!!!!!! I am sure you are wondering who is writing you this letter as you have never received one in your life before. And why is that so??? When your friends were writing letters to their penpals and relatives abroad you were laughing and making jokes, telling them all they wanted was for... Continue Reading →

Letter To Me #3

By Nana Ama a letter from me to well…..me. I just got home from work, it’s been a long day and I’m tired. I’m hungry too but you know how picky I am with food. Wait, what I am saying?? You don’t have a clue who this letter is from, do you?? Don’t bother answering... Continue Reading →

Letter To Me #2

By Danny Soulman Dear 18 year old me, This is really just to say thanks for all you’re doing. It’s great to have you on the team. I know there’s a lot happening right now and you’re really confused about what to do. Just relax, everything is under control. Everybody still calls me ‘Beano’, thanks for... Continue Reading →

Letter To Me #1

By Esinam Dear Younger Self, Greetings from your more mature, more sensible, more practical self. Of course you despise mum and dad for ignoring your oh so important opinion and sending you off anyway to that school next to the Korle lagoon and just within reach of the Mortuary. You’ll thank them later. Stop making... Continue Reading →

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