You Need [To Be] Someone Who Can Pretend In Public

In a relationship, we might get on eachother’s nerves in public. I will probably say something i shouldn’t have, you might end up doing something that will make me feel uncomfortable in public. We may be aware; we may not, we may feel remorseful in that moment, we may not. But in all of that, I hope we are able to exercise restraint and not blow up right there in public.

Restraint in the face of an irritating situation is one of the most difficult skills to master. It might be easier for some than others but ultimately, it is important that we work towards a point where we are able to pretend that everything is alright while we are in public even if it isnt. We can get into it when we are alone together. But as long as we have an audience, we need to keep a united front because we are a team, always. We deserve better than someone who will go off on us in public. Nothing good can come out of that. If it is a situation that needs an immediate remedy, a text or a sidebar is always an option.

No matter how wrong you think they are, be their support in public and tell them how wrong you think they are privately. You risk looking like an idiot but what is relationship if you’re not willing to look silly once in a while for someone you know has your back always?


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