26 Random Facts About Me

I’m 26 now and I decided to put down 26 things about myself. Some of these weren’t obvious to me when I started writing this but I’m glad I discovered them.

  1. My favourite movie of all time is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It’s a hindi movie starring Sharukh Khan
  2. I’m a Taylor Swift fan
  3. I did not like 1989. The album. I hadn’t been born by that year
  4. My favourite song is ‘Begin Again’
  5. I believe our generation is better than past generations in more ways than it’s worse
  6. I am a registered member of the new patriotic party but I am not affiliated to any political party
  7. I am not religious. I do not identify as atheist, agnostic or any other related label
  8. My dream job is to be a stay-at-home dad. Shut up it’s a job
  9. I occasionally battle with depression.
  10. I have 5 step siblings
  11. I am a closeted romantic
  12. I hate traveling
  13. Music is not a big deal. I can go a month without it
  14. I am a feminist
  15. I am pro-choice
  16. My favorite people are John Green, Lily Singh & Taylor Swift
  17. A tragedy in a book or movie is more likely to make me cry than the same tragedy in real life
  18. I am socially awkward
  19. Beauty and Talent are the most attractive things to me
  20. I’ve always wanted to have 6 kids
  21. I am a functioning alcoholic
  22. I change my mind a lot
  23. 7 is my favorite number.
  24. I don’t have a favorite color
  25. I want  to have 6 kids
  26. My favourite tv show of all time is still between The Office & The Newsroom

3 responses to “26 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m prejudiced that only some “weird’ females like or even watch hindi movies, so No. 1 left my jaw open…lol. I like your way with words, especially after reading No. 20 and 25. Very relatable stuff, particularly No. 17. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really didn’t know what to expect when I read this. But I’m glad I read it..
    Great piece.

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