A Messed Up Poem

She has always wondered where things went wrong

How I had fallen out of love and made her life a bad country song

And I’ve tried to tell her stories to take her mind off it

So I never have to let her know she introduced me to the girl I am in love with.

I have a problem, a very big one

You might even think I’m crazy when I’m done

I’ve always been attracted to oddest of  stuff

The meanies, the hated and the ones I can’t have

It’s those that I need to stay away from that I happen to love

So when she started to complain everyday about Lana

And how she was mean and hated in the office because the company was for her father

My trained boyfriend mind went; that bitch; 

But my subconscious knew the feeling would switch

And for the next 4 months, I looked forward to hearing about my favourite demon

I think we would have been safe if we hadn’t had that fight about her ex, Simon

That was what made me go to her office for the very first time

And as fate would have it, Lana’s car pulled up right next to mine

I knew it was her car because I had listened so many times to ‘who sprays a benz wine?

I didn’t know how I expected Lana to look

But my first sight of her and I was hooked

So I talked to her, made her laugh a few times on the elevator ride

I loved her laugh, her mind and even the way she sighed

She couldn’t be the same reason why on so many occassions Laura had cried

So it happens that I carefully planned my break up

In a way that looked like a divine set up

So that after three months of intended screw ups

Laura was gone and my relationship with Lana was born.


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