Fuck Yourself

I love Bieber’s Purpose Album. I love ‘Love Yourself’. But i have a problem with the song. It would have been better if it was ‘Fuck Yourself’. I was going to rewrite the whole song but i got lazy so this is all i could manage. I dont have anyone I have to say ‘Fuck Yourself’ to so I channeled a friend’s story she told me last night.


For all the times that you made me feel dumb

Pummeled my emotions till i felt numb

Needing my insecurity to prove to yourself that you were the man

And the backhanded compliments that you always gave

That i got so used to, I started to crave
I didn’t want to write all this

Cos you’d think it’s a diss

But it needs to be done

So here’s what you need to know, hun
Samantha don’t like you, and she likes everyone

And i think i always knew that you were wrong 

I was so obsessed with the idea of being in love

That I missed that love isn’t something you have
So if you think that I’m ever coming back to you

Oh baby you should go and fuck yourself

And I don’t know what you think those pictures with all the girls are supposed do

But kindly go and fuck yourself.


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