25 Reasons Why I Liked Them

In my 25 years, I’ve liked girls for varying reasons. I decided to put together some of the reasons why I liked these girls, started paying more attention or even decided to pursue them. Here are 25 of those reasons that were interesting enough for me remember.

  1. She made me feel good about myself
  2. I made her feel good about herself
  3. She looked like the girl I actually liked
  4. She didn’t like me; and I just didn’t get it
  5. I didn’t like her boyfriend
  6. Everyone disliked her
  7. We had the same favourite episode of my favourite TV show
  8. I wanted to like her out of her heaux phase; i thought maybe if I gave her enough attention she’d stop being promiscuous
  9. She was less forward with me than her twin sister
  10. She acted more mature than her twin sister
  11. She said I was an asshole
  12. She is the most uncomplicated human being I know
  13. She told me she loved me when I did something nice for her. And it was a friendly ‘i love you’
  14. She was everything they said she was; unapologetically.
  15. She called me out on a bullshit tweet
  16. She liked my smile. I hate my smile
  17. She said she didn’t want to be in a relationship unless she couldn’t get the person without a relationship
  18. She asked all the things about my life I wanted to talk about but nobody ever asked
  19. I was sure she liked my friend, then she asked for my number
  20. She told the worst joke ever and then laughed herself to tears
  21. She said she was never going to break up with her boyfriend
  22. She said; Do me a favour, don’t pretend you are in love or any of that bullshit. We don’t have time for any of that
  23. She said i’d make a terrible boyfriend
  24. She replied; ‘Took you long enough’ to my ‘you’re gorgeous’
  25. She said she had a boyfriend.

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