Vanity Card #11


Of Double Standards and Choice

I am pro-choice. I believe everyone has the right to choose how they live their lives as long as it doesn’t affect another person’s negatively.
Sexuality, religion, abortion etc. Everyone gets to choose. It’s a natural right.

Society has a stance on everything. This stance is based largely on what the majority, powerful or vocal decide works for them. If there is anything at all that every free thinking individual is aware of, it is that there are as many sides and solutions to every situation as there are people on earth. Everyone is different and it makes absolutely no sense to have one size fits all rules about what people should do with their own lives.

No girl should have to give birth to a child she’s not ready for just because it is expected of her. That is why mothers are dumping kids in latrines and others are setting theirs on fire.

People say stuff like, Abortion is only right if she was raped. Who are we to decide for someone else what her reason for making a decision about her life should be?

No one should have to be denied the right to marriage or love openly because their love interest is not what be believe is right unless we can prove how that marriage affects our quality if life. Everyone has the right to be unhappy, heterosexual or not. Allow them to get married.

I’d hate if my kid turned out gay, because well it isn’t how I feel things should be naturally but the kid will still be my child. I will hate the situation and all that he or she will have to go through in society but no, i will not love the child any less. I have one real gay friend and a lot of other ones I believe are either confused or seeking attention. Whichever way, everyone deserves the chance to choose where they sow their oats.

Homosexuality is more like having siamese twins. It’s not how things should be but it happens. Are we going to accept that God makes two kids that are joined together but people whose romantic/sexual interests lay with people of the same sex must have demons in them?

Our problem has always been the inability to separate our personal ideas from societal expectations and religious doctrines. Think for yourself. Society isn’t always right and no one fully understands any religion.

There is nothing wrong with believing someone’s choice is wrong. It only becomes a problem when you make the effort to stop someone from making that choice – when it doesn’t affect you!


9 thoughts on “Vanity Card #11

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  1. Everyone deserves free will. Its inherent in human nature. On the otherhand, free will is inapplicable in matters of salvation and spirituality. Abandoning ones free will for spirituality sake is self regulation and organisation both of which are core components of free will. Perfect image of the Ouroboros.

  2. What society has created is a ton of hypocrisy. A world where we overlook our own flaws & judge others for theirs.

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