Vanity Card #9

It’s a Saturday night. It’s been a very long day already. I have been waiting for it to be evening since last Monday when i decided i was going for this event. Now it’s finally here and I’m at Movenpick waiting for my luxury car to take me to the conference centre. I see a lot of the celebrities here. Getting into their chauffeur driven cars as well. It’s going to be a wonderful night. I’m still trying to picture the red room experience in my head as the limo goes towards AICC. I know there are limos in front and behind the one i’m in. I start to wonder why no event planner in Ghana has every thought of this. Chauffeuring VVIPs and celebrities in luxury cars to the event. That’s an awesome idea.

The crowd at the Centre is dizzying. People trying to work out ways of getting tickets right here. Ready to pay three times the normal rate for the regular tickets. There is no need even asking about VIP tickets. It’s been sold out since the week the tickets were released. The convoy of luxury cars bringing in the VVIPs and Celebrities get into the premises and the fanfare is just amazing. I did not know there were paparazzi in this country. The flash lights are almost blinding me but i’m smiling sheepishly. We’re escorted to the upper section of the foyer where im finally going to witness the Redroom experience. From outside it was an exciting view. It was bigger than i had expected. The decor inside blew my mind…not literally but even if it was no one would have noticed. My blood would have blended perfectly with the red all over. I immediately realised i was in the club section of the redroom. There was way too much activity for it to be the lounge section.

I’m here in the lounge section of the Red Room sipping on my glass of champagne and watching the awards on the screen and all i can think about is, i should port to Vodafone. I laugh out loud at the thought because it is very random. But you’d understand why that thought was in my head if you saw what i was seeing. It’s not even because Efya was going to come on and make my night as always with her performances, or that I’d go home with a wide grin because R2Bees would have swept up the most awards and most importantly that for Artiste of the year. Well Wizkid and Banky would show up and i wasn’t sure which of the songs Wizkid would decide to sing. After all, the guy has a song out every week. But even that was not the reason i was smiling to myself as i watched the event on the large screen surrounded by other VVVIPs. Yes i was VVVIP. Somewhere in my mind i knew Vodafone had pulled off the best Ghana Music Awards yet and it was like something out of a dream.

Now talking of dreams, that was exactly what all of this was. Loosely based on the plan of the event I got from a media stalwart. In my head, that’s how I want this Saturday to go for me. I’m showing up at the conference centre to make sure I don’t miss this entire experience especially with the red room. I’m still super curious about it. I hope you are too.


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