Vanity Card #7

It is a vanity card. Please don’t try to make sense of it.
Neal Caffery: Scotch, please!

Harvey Spector: Whoa! What’s the matter man? You never drink scotch

Mike Ross: I think Peter Burke doesn’t permit him to

Neal: Harvey, why is your pet at the adult table?

Mike: Ha! Very funny.

Neal: Not really Mike. You shouldn’t be here

Mike: And you shouldn’t be out of prison

Phil Dunphy: Hey calm down guys. Lets keep the peace

Marshall Eriksen: No. Let them go at it. I haven’t seen a fight in a while

Greg House: What is that you and Lily do all the time

Marshall: Sex. I don’t think the disabled get a lot of that

House: Why do you think pity sex was invented?

Sheldon Cooper: So that Penny and Leonard can have something in common *snickers*

Tyrion Lynnister: Oh see, the crazy proffessor came to the bar

Sheldon: I’m not a professor. And i’m not crazy. My mother had me tested. You trial version human.
If any of you weirdo writers get what this is about and would like to complete it, i’ll be glad. Just email it to

If you didn’t get it, count yourself lucky. This is a lot of crazy!


4 thoughts on “Vanity Card #7

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  1. If Harvey gets to bring Mike then I think Tyrion Lannister should have Bronn at his side. I’m just saying.
    Good piece. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a room with this guys esp. Sheldon and the Imp.

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