Letter To My Unborn Child #2

The Letter To My Unborn Child series continues…

We have here today…..@Skinbis


Hi Legsly,

Ever wondered about your name? well, just look at those legs that go on forever. Be proud of them; flaunt them at the least opportunity. I know reading this would be a lil stressful due to the fact that the technology used in writing this is inferior to what you guys have now so there would be conflicts in the quality. I can bet you are receiving this via your sunglasses. Pay close attention tho.

I know its been tough for you, not having a mum and all. But I’m so proud of you. You have handled it very well. Just so you know, the two of us, we are a unit and we work like that. I assure you, if I had married, girl it woulda been hell! Truth is, your mom never passed away. In short, I don’t know her whereabouts. She was a surrogate mother. She got paid for having you and that’s it. But what matters the most is how much I love you and how much I have tried to be both mom and dad to you!

Look at you! At this tender age of 12, your fashion sense is impeccable. What can you expect tho? Im your dad! It comes to you naturally! Never harbor any insecurity! They would kill you! First rule is, whatever your friends tease you about is your greatest assets. If you have that mindset, the teasing would stop but first it would make your head spin. Take whatever negativity you might have and turn it positive. In any event that you get fat (God forbid!) tell yourself that big is the new sexy. But honey truth is skinny is and will always be SEXY!

The only principle in life is to enjoy it. Live your life fully. Don’t let anything restrict you, social norms, boundaries, race, status quos, stereotypes, girl go ahead, defy them all. Don’t let them dictate how you live your life or you will forever be miserable. Just look at me and how far I have come.

Make your own mistakes and learn from them. I don’t believe the theory of it being better to learn from the mistakes of others. I believe and know that our personal experiences have the greatest impacts on us than the ones we observe from a distance.

Do what you love best. Follow your heart. Never let go of your childish dreams. They would shape who you become. Let everyone who comes in contact with you go with a lasting impression. Make an impact in the lives of the people around you. Make them laugh, smile, be the best friend you can to all of them! Its not easy but it comes with its bonuses.

Finally, its totally ok to have a boyfriend. But don’t rush things! You only allow them to touch second base when you are 16. Make sure its with someone special tho. The way I see it, once you are my daughter, the slutty genes would be abundant in you. Its an epic thing! Use it well. Everyone calls me a whore now! How cool is that?



PS. My next letter will be addressing how to handle puberty and especially your menstrual cycle! Totally psyched!


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18 thoughts on “Letter To My Unborn Child #2

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  1. …i dropped my comment, somewhere around here. Help me look for it…
    Oh, there it is…

    KJR: Great series, as usual

    Legsly: “You go, girl!”

    Now if only i can decide if i’m talking to the daughter… or the father there… hmmm…
    *walks away pondering*

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