Letter To My Unborn Child #1

Welcome people, Uncle Amowi here. After the Success of the ‘Letter To Me series’ and the entries that came after it, we are giving the ‘Letter Series’ another shot. This time we’re leaving the past and delving into the future. Our five writers; @MzYayraTay, @Skinbis, @Kotibotor, @Kemmiiii and @Terdoh will take turns sending letters to their unborn children. Posts go up at 10 am each day. Stay with us and enjoy the ride.

I give you, @MzYayrayTay


Hey baby boo,

I’m sure your father wrote you a non-conventional letter. Sort of his thing. I hope you are not confused by whatever advise he gives you. He tends to be playful, “different”, and brief.

First of all, you are a gem to me. A treasure. I couldn’t love you anymore than I do right now. Life right now is all about supplying all you need and want. Every little whim.

I want you to experience life like I never did. Relationships. You are a princess. Lord it over everyone. Don’t settle for less when you can have more. Torment the guys who pursue you, those who don’t, and those who just stare. Let ’em know how bad they want it even if they don’t know that they want it yet.

Travel. I wouldn’t keep you from doing this. Go everywhere imaginable. Learn languages, different cultures, religions and live. Live. Laugh. Love. Don’t worry about expense. That’s for dad and I to deal with. Yours is to demand. Demand. Demand. Demand.

Take up leadership positions whenever you have the opportunity to. Explore your sensuality and sexuality. Don’t settle till you are entirely sure. Even not at all. Trust me, your father and I wouldn’t care either ways. You will still be our princess.

Make sure the “Chocolate-lover”, “Lakers fan”, “Manchester United fanatic”, “Candy connoisseur” genes don’t pass you by else you might as well go live with your father. No negotiations on that!

Ayo. My dearest Ayo. Whatever decisions you decide to make, I’m sure it will be fine by me… And your father too. His point about sex though, that wasn’t a joke. I fully endorse it. Love your life and have no regrets baby. Believe in being as individualistic as you can be.




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