Letter To Me #9

By Mawuli Bobobee


First of all, Daddy lied. You are not “storing” your height in those enormous calves of yours. My guy, you’re short and will probably remain so for the rest of your life. Get over it real quick and enjoy the view from under the skirts 😀

After that, maybe you can overcome the teasing about the girls. Honestly, Bryan and co are just jealous of how easy it was for you to get chatty with girls. Concentrate on your books; try not to learn any musical instruments ,you’re not gifted. Experiment with everything as a teenager but alcohol and drugs. Fortunately you don’t have any kids at the moment.

Unfortunately though, Kwabotwe is out of the question. Mama read something in the newspapers about rising homosexuality there and it freaks her out. You end up in Kwahu which, though hell at first, will give you life lessons and lasting friends.

Of course, you really want me to go back to how you’re getting on with the girls. Well my friend, you were doing great. You met the perfect girl. I hope you noticed the past tense. Not so perfect. You had it all figured out till she broke your heart into three million little pieces. Yep, it gets rough. But I know you quite well, you’re doing great now.

Well, that’s about it. I’m searching the internet for a letter from a 35 year old me telling me what to do next, I really can’t waste more time on you. Trust me, I wish we could stay as you forever.

With all the love,


On that note, I would like to include something for 35 year old me.

Dude . Charle . My guy. Whatever you like saying nowadays. Please tell me there’s a bangin’ hot wife and twin daughters who look exactly like her. Massa don’t dull, I’m looking up to you. Seriously, you remember what it was/is like at the moment. The loneliness is overwhelming, so it would please me to no end that one of us is currently in love.

Its hard back here. School is a bitch with her period on always (pun intended), so please tell me that when I choose to specialize in highways, Ghana suddenly decides to complete her road network in time for us to make a killing.

Hope you kept the poems I’m writing for the girls, our daughters. Remember how I keep saying I’ll be their best friend? Yeah that’s the spirit. Say hi to the wife for me, and if we also have a son, pull him aside and tell him how much you love him, how proud you are of him. Not hearing that enough is no excuse to not say it a lot.

Could you do me a favor? On the first of October 2011, mention me on Twitter, if that still exists. Or maybe G+ is hot by then so circle, add me, whatever, do something! This is kind of a big deal…



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