The Forbidden Fruit Syndrome

Today’s post has a twist. Not in content…ok maybe in content (i don’t see myself writing something like that). But the main twist is that, for the first time, we have a guest on theJRshow. Let me not talk too much. I leave you in the able (chocolate stained) hands of @Kayzia_M. Enjoy!


By Kezia

When JR asked me to gu est blog, the first thing I thought of was “yay!! I finally get my hands on his readers” *insert evil cackle*. Then it hit me! I am currently at war with writer’s block- and I am losing-badly! *sigh* that being said, I am writing this post, waiting for inspiration to pass by with a bottle of merlot and a bar of chocolate. *glances up, no inspiration*…… we shall carry on sha!!

There’s something that’s been bugging me for a while now. Let’s call it the forbidden fruit syndrome. We have all been there. Lusting after that HOT catholic father in your all-girls school; crushing on that guy/girl who so obviously plays for the opposite team, wondering if that girl in a committed relationship is looking for a little outside fun… you know what I’m talking about sha! We’ve all been there. (Some people are even still there)

There’s something absolutely delicious about the forbidden fruit, wanting something/someone you can’t/shouldn’t have. You know it could be bad for you. You know it could blow up in your face…yet your mind still wonders…you think “what if”….the X-rated thoughts running through your head would have you saying five “Hail Mary’s” for the rest of your life if your Priest ever found out..

Forbidden fruit truly does taste sweetest. Some people would leave their thoughts in their heads rather than do something that could be potentially embarrassing or worse yet; completely disastrous (check out Adam & Eve’s wahala). Others are not satisfied with wanting. They have to, no NEED TO touch the fruit, caress it and bite into it.

What I want to know is; when does harmless flirting cross over to wanting the forbidden fruit? After all, we all want something we can’t have. But what if you could? What if this forbidden fruit literally jumped into your hand and BEGGED you to take a bite out of it. Would you?

I would really like an answer to this question, so do well to comment! I enjoyed our little session. Come visit me at Ramblings Of A Loner till then! *takes empty wine bottle and walks away*


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  1. If my forbidden fruit(s) (yeah fruits) jumped into my hand and asked me to take a me, it would be more than a bite. The fact that you are on my hand says you need more than a neck bite. But on a more serious note, my forbidden fruit is that beautiful girl dating a close friend of mine, that socialite who you met once and is still on your mind, why once? Because of your ‘orbits’ they aren’t close. I met one of my forbidden fruits ( diff circles) on wednesday, it was worth it. I think if there is a shot of anything developing I will take the plunge, its better to try n fail than not to try at all.

  2. Well,Ms. Kayzia did mention Adam and Eve so I guess it’s alright to get preachy,lol.
    There’s a reason the forbidden fruit is forbidden. It’s totally natural to want to find out why, but it’s ALWAYS best if we just pass.

  3. I don’t have a forbidden fruit oh!*sips holy water*…However,if I did and it/he jumped in my lap and begged to be bitten,I’d take a bite out of it/he. Not a bite huge enough to get me in trouble but a small bite just for the memory I guess.Life’s short!…Nice work Kez!

  4. I love you Kez! Amowi thank you for inviting her. Like i told her some other time ago on twitter im crushing on someone real bad. its the forbidden fruit syndrome. I cant find a way to pull myself out of it. Sigh! i was just about to publish a post about this crush when i checked here. Hmmmm. But i want my fobridden fruit! in short I NEED IT! kmt!

    1. I’m late today. But I’m wondering why Kezia didn’t title this “The Forbidden Vegetable Syndrome”, considering what her recent blog about chocolate taught many readers, like myself.

      With respect to the topic of the day, I think the mere fact that something is considered “forbidden” tends to make you want to have it, as already stated. But the sweetnes itself seems to be in reaching for the fruit. If the fruit fell into my hands, I’d probably get suspicious about the whole thing. Hard as it may be, I don’t think I’d take a bite; flee.

      1. LMAO @ forbidden vegetable syndrome. But I agree with The Mask. If the forbidden fruit jumped into my hands, I’ll be suspicious. You know what they say about when something seems too good to be true,,,

    2. @skinbis WTF, u want it ? go for it, don’t be laying in the corner of yo bed tripping n shit…u a guy or girl ?…if u a girl…cool…u allowed..but if u a guy, cmon son…man the fuck up…

      1. then do, not say….actions speak louder than words…its easier to build a castle, but if you dont lay a brick…forget it…the words aint gonna do that for u

  5. i am in similar situation at the moment and i know am gonna bite that forbidden fruit when i get back. i know of the consequences that might come along with but i just have to give her what she wants

  6. @skinbis sorry, man.somehow, my post found itself in the wrong box; it wasn’t a direct reply to your comment. I should probably take off my mask before posting 😀

  7. i sooooo wanna fuck my friend girl bad, she’s been sending me her naked pics n all…….
    ermmmm…..i have a gf too X_X ….but the temptation….the TITS…like OMG….we on holidays now,
    think imma deff hit that when i get back to GH….soon….like real soon….fuck ‘Forbidden’…imma MUNCH at that fruit….

  8. Kezia you’re always making me laugh. With that said, if my forbidden fruit literally jumped into my hand, I would have to take a bite or two. Maybe even three lol! I mean it did jump into my hand and one can only have so much self control. Plus I’m only having a few bites not eating the entire fruit so it’s okay 🙂
    p.s I still think Father is hot. That man is cute!!! And I hear he’s in the states now. Going to get his number 🙂 🙂 🙂 He has such a beautiful smile. Don’t judge me, I’m admiring GOD’s work lol!

  9. Love d post, Kez as usual, u brought. Gotta say if my forbidden fruit jumped into my lap I’d prolly not want it any more, I’m a stereotype my fascination wiv d FF is cuz its forbidden, if its available, it loses its fascination for me, p.s never thot Father was that hot. *shrugs*y’all just fussed aba him cuz he was d only dude around.

  10. I met my forbidden fruit 6/7years ago. He was the manager at my first waitressing job. I was 18 he was 32. At first, it was just beneficial fun, till things got out in the work place and people started asking questions. Being 18, I realised, I wouldn’t have gone there if I didn’t “like” the guy, and that all this fooling around caused me to fall for him. However, he was having a battle of his own choosing me over the age gap. After 8 months of this, I put an end to it and moved (ran) away.
    We stayed friends and kept in contact, and we would meet up more or less every time I came back to visit my family. And the whole thing would start all over again.
    2 years ago, I found myself in a particularly crap situation and decided to move back to my family home. He found out why and showed up to support me and be utterly perfect for a few weeks. Once feeling better and after spending too much time with him, gave in to the fruit… Again. I was so annoyed at myself that I didn’t talk to him for a while. We emailed and socialized via technology networks, but I didn’t trust myself or him not to do it again. 6months later, I met someone new.
    I have been with my new man for 18months now, and we are getting married in 6months.
    But that voice is still there regarding my forbidden fruit. So I met him… In public. He now tells me that he was right to think we wouldn’t work as he still after all this time, can’t get over the age gap. But irregardless of that, he does love me, and has done for years.
    I love my fiancee, more then anything in the world. And no amount of fruit will tempt or change that. But I am now curious, if we had dated, and it didn’t work… Would he still be fruity to me? Or would he have killed it all in proving he’s a boring old man?
    Has it only lasted this long because it’s forbidden?

  11. So everyone’s forbidden fruit is sex. People are that easy. Life dogs..if it’s beautiful sleep with it no matter the consequences.. Satan is intelligent. Look what Adam and Eve partook of and the pain, sorrow and heartache it caused, divorce, children crying for their parents, cancer, murder in which I experience with my 25 year old daughter leaving behind a 1 year old. Forbidden fruit, shun it, run from it and if you dont there is hell to pay. Unbelievable comments. I have partaken in plenty of sins in the past, over 25 years ago, it might have been fun, but the sorrow and pain it caused. Forget Holy Water, Obey Acts 2:38 and get the Lord to wash away your sins…..People dont be so sensual, fulfilling lustful desires, its a high cost. Count the Cost. Look who it destroys. Don’t take the forbidden because of availability, fun or beautiful…Humanity can be brought to nothing. Life is more than sex, building houses, driving nice cars and dressing well. Its about God placing you here for a reason. Find that out, then look at the forbidden fruit and see how it was meant to destroy you..

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